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 I invite you to check out the Canadian Authors Who Are Christian Blog That is, The Word Guild's (TWG) blogspot, 


 Various reader comments regarding "Parables from the Pond" have been received over time. Some are mentioned on the book's page. Also, Christian author Laura Davis posted a review, and as well set up an author interview with me about the book  on her site. .

To see it, please Navigate to Laura's Reviews and Interviews page.

  "Parables from the Pond",  my first book, was published in February, 2008 by Word Alive Press, and was a finalist in their 2007 contest. Find out about the book’s distinctive features on its page.

 Here's a couple:

By K Mizen (children's pastor):

Peter Black draws you in as you travel through the Commonwealth of the Pond and get to know characters like Cecile the Snake, Nancy Newt and Francis Frog, just to name a few. The adventures they take and the things they learn as they grow and mature are practical tools children can apply to their lives.

This book really is a great family read for any age, ages 6-10 is just a suggestion. A perfect bedtime read, each story is short and ends with a time to reflect on character as well as scripture. It's cute, whimsical and adventurous - even for me, as an adult!!

By Janet Sketchley (reviewer and writer):

Ideal to read aloud

Children ages 6-10 are sure to love these engaging stories of Nancy Newt, Frankie Frog, Cecil Snake and friends.





See the great reports of  Write! Canada 2013 (The Word Guild's annual conference in Guelph, Ontario), at The Word Guild or Write! Canada



Dr. George R. Slater's book, "Along Comes God: Miracles in Everyday Life" is a wonderful collection of real life stories of individuals who faced adversity or some form of challenge, and in the midst of them became convinced of God's guiding and caring hand.

The author, a retired minister, psychologist and psychotherapist shares these stories with sensitivity and without sensationalizing them.




 Laura Davis, author of “Come to Me” –a wonderful and winsome account of the life of Christ as viewed through the eyes of His mother Mary. Laura’s website encourages people in their Christian faith, and includes interviews of Christian authors and reviews of their books, as well as her blog.

Laura has now launched a workbook / study guide to accompany Come to Me. It enhances ones' personal reading and is also a great  tool for group discussion and learning. View Laura’s site / blog. Click: Laura 

Fay Rowe, is author of several books including, “Keepers of the Testimony,” a work that reflects her deep commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ and the authority of the biblical scriptures. Her insightful writing reflects an intelligent, transparent quality that challenges and strengthens one’s faith in the Lord.

View Fay’s site / blog. Click: Fay

Heather Kendall, author of “A Tale of Two Kingdoms.”  Heather has a theological bent, yet writes in a clear understandable way that helps others (who may have no Bible college training) see that the redemptive motif of Scripture points to and is fulfilled in Jesus Christ.

This book traces the biblical storyline of redemptive history. Heather describes the story of salvation from the perspective of God, Satan, and people. She pays close attention to the Bible's timeline. 

View Heather’s site and  blog by clicking respectively: Heather's Site ; Heather's Blog

Canadian novelist Donna Dawson's novel "Rescued," is now available, and has something significant to offer to proponents of both sides of the pro-life / pro-choice abortion debate. See Donna Dawson .




Liebster Blog Award

Hello Raise the Gaze friends and visiting blog-hoppers, I invite you to check out the following blogsites. Their owners are writer friends who nominated us for the Liebster Blog Award in the fall of 2011.

First: Author, poet, and blogger Judith Lawrence.  Judith is the author of Highway of Holiness.  Her poetry often draws lessons from nature, and the motif lends towards leading one into a deeper walk of faith in communion with the Lord.  Through her blog, Contemplative Without a Cloister, Judith emphasizes the importance of love, joy and intimacy with God.

See her blog. Click: Contemplative

Second: Author, columnist, biographer, and blogger Rose McCormick Brandon provides memorable settings and vibrant descriptions for her stories. Her biographical accounts are sensitively written in crisp, yet warm language to engage the reader intellectually and emotionally.

See her blog Listening to my Hair Grow. Click: HairGrow

As you can see, the Liebster Award button is now posted on Raise the Gaze. Thank you, Judith and Rose.


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On Prayer: Is prayer important in your life? Jan Cox has a very helpful blog called "Under the Cover of Prayer."   
See also Jan's: Betterway
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 For poetic writings and contemplative meditations, see links for Judith Lawrence and Violet Nesdoly.

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